Thursday, August 26, 2010

4 Simple Goals- Update

I posted a few weeks ago about this fun new project I joined. One of my goals was to finish samples for a friends new project.

Lizzie Marion is a dear friend of mine, who lives in Toronto, Canada. Though I didn't grow up there, I consider it my home- my heart will always long to be back there. If you haven't been, and are looking for an amazing diverse city to visit, I suggest getting there.One day I hope to have a summer home there and be able to leave it when the winters get too cold ( like minus 30 Celsius)

Lizz and I have been through thick and thin. I love her carefree nature, her honesty and she makes me laugh! Besides Brian, she had been  my number one cheerleader and I want to make her really proud of me one day. Besides being a great friend, Lizz works as hairdresser and makeup artist- she's been the only person to cut my hair for 10 years, like, before she went to school for it.

I whipped up these adorable make- up bag samples for her to test out. I found amazing eco-friendly bamboo felt which is sturdy and colourful.

I've tried the bags out myself (currently one is holding a whole bunch of random sewing scissors, needles, fabric swatches, buttons and Autumn 2010 samples) and think they are pretty AND functional.
This is my bag! It carries so much!

Working on this project has allowed me to do something I really enjoy-  brainstorm branding and packaging for product launches. I made cute hang tags and stickers to add to her excitement when she looks through the package I'm sending off to her.

Lizz Marion hand cut sticker pack.

It's kind of strange, but I find working on projects for others much easier than projects for my own products.

Hand made hang tags for Lizz!

I'd love to hear what you think about the colour combination and patterns I used.

I have 3 more goals to accomplish this Autumn- I feel really good about this time in my life.

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