I am Rebekah Apotre the creative voice behind The Craft Fiend blog and the owner of She Loves Me Not Clothing Company. By Day I sling wine, beer and cheese by moonlight I draw, draft, and sew my way to indie designer world domination. I live in New Orleans, Louisianan with my husband and two sneaky cats.

I can't remember learning to sew I feel like it's always been a part of me. When all my friends dreamed of being doctors and nurses I had my heart set on being a fashion designer. With my head stuck in the September Issue of Vogue and my allowance spent on vintage clothes I set my sights on making clothes that couldn't be found at the mall. Many years and a whole lot of September issues later I'm making my dreams come true.

I write this blog to celebrate the craft addict in all of us. I create pretty, quirky, vintage inspired clothing and accessories that are fun and functional.