Thursday, August 26, 2010

Visual Caffeine: School Supplies- Pretty Note Books

Until I was 9 my Grandparents owned a printing shop and stationary store. I often spent time in the back near the printing, jogging, and copying machines. Whenever I grab papers off the photocopier at work I put it up to my face and smell the toner smell and feel the warmth of the paper.
I have a  Moleskine, still in it's wrapper, I'm saving it for something special.

When I was a kid I'd lock myself in my room after our annual back- to- school shopping trip and smoosh my face into my notebooks and smell the newness of the pages. For most people the smell of baking cookies reminds them of childhood- for me it's the smell of lead pencils and toner.

These days I must avoid the office supplies isle at Target and any kind of office supply store, I am too weak to resist the siren call of a pretty note book!
One of a Kind Recycled Mini Journals from Paper Cuts

Mini Note books from Gee Lizzie

Hand Bound Wee Chunky Book from Wee Bindery

Upcycled French Nature Journals by Green Trike Press

I'm currently using a Myndology notebook. It allows you to rearrange the pages, and take out the old ones and replace them with new ones when you are done. You can also customize your own notebook with different sizes of pages. I love it!

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