Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Visual Caffeine: School Supplies- Cute Erasers

In elementary school  my best friend collected erasers which she kept in a huge jar. I remain jealous of those colourful treasures to this day.

So today's post is dedicated to erasers.... in food form!

Yes it's true! These are Sushi Eraser Rings...

This amazing Fried Egg Necklace does double duty as an eraser. Fried eggs are also one of my favorite foods!
I admit I have a shameful love of ramen noodles... there is nothing healthy about them. This Cute Japanese Instant Cup Noodle erasers make me feel like a bowl of noodles.

 I'm in love! Especially with the hot dog in a bun. Source

I think kids have it so good now... I mean there was some pretty rad stuff in the 80's but not like now. I'll have to stock up on a bunch to give to my nieces as Halloween treats and stocking stuffers this year.

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