Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A lovely white wine to pair with this evenings knitting project

I am the type of knitter that loves to drink a nice glass/ bottle of wine while I work. I am perfectly aware of how perilous it is to have a glass of wine near any craft project, especially with cats .
Ant and Spider get into everything, even dirty laundry.
 So far nothing has been tipped over, but now that I wrote that I'm sure it will and probably all over something really important. What can I say, I like to live my life on the edge.

 I wanted to put it out there that if you can pair drinks with food, then you most certainly can pair them with crafty/ creative projects. Right?!

I'm starting new scarf, because, you know it's going to get chilly for about 3 seconds here in New Orleans, and I want a nice new scarf to fend off the cool weather, no matter how brief it is.

So what wine pairs best with this evenings knitting project?

I'm going to drink a nice crisp glass of La Gravier, an inexpensive white wine from the Bordeaux region in France.

Some quick facts:

-La Gravier is crisp, dry and has the aroma of green apples. If you like sweet wines, this probably isn't for you.
-Drink it very cold- put an ice cube in it if you need to. Don't scoff at this way to get wine chilled, just drink it fast enough so it doesn't get watered down.
- This little gem is 9.99/bottle!
- don't be snobby about wine, now matter where it's from. If you like to drink it, then it's good wine.
- it's a fact, there's almost nothing more heart warming than a good cheap bottle of vino!

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Jessica said...

Ant looks like he's sulking and Spider looks so regal! Clara misses them.