Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My New Hero- Sylvia Weinstock

I don't usually like to watch reality shows- but a few nights ago  I caught part of Top Chef Just Desserts. The guest judge was Sylvia Weinstock who, among many other more important things, is my new hero.

First, she has this amazing personal style, I love statement glasses and I love a woman who has worked hard to learn about her passion and make a place for herself at the top.
I think most wedding cakes are real tacky.... yep real tacky... with a capital T. But I'd love to learn to make anything remotely like Sylvia's beautiful wedding cakes- just for fun.

 Okay- maybe the cakes Sylvia makes are a bit over the top. Maybe that's why I'm OBSESSED with them.

 I've been looking around at pretty desserts to see what to try to bake and decorate first.  Cupcakes are probably a good place to start. I already know I'm going to get bored if I have to do an entire cake... also I don't want to feel obligated to actually eat a whole cake!

Edible Disco Dust from Bake It Pretty

I want to learn how to do all those pretty icing shapes with different icing bag tips.

Icing kit from Bake it Pretty

Since it's Autumn, for real now, I'm going to try baking an olive oil cake. I love olive oil for savory things and keep seeing recipes for Olive Oil cake.

Olive Oil Anise Cake from Martha Stewart

Maybe I can make Olive Oil cucakes and decorate them with Halloween themed decorations?



ShoutAboutArt said...

Ooh, I love that cupcake icing kit (:

Casey said...

you need to post pics of your treats!!

Rebekah The Craft Fiend said...

I'm obsessed with ICING you guys!
I will probably do a post about Icing... since I love it so much :)
thanks for reading my blog.