Thursday, October 21, 2010

Autumn cook book frenzy

Every year around this time, I am inspired to cook and bake. I think the cooler weather has something to do with it.

Usually this manifests itself as a desire to cook, shop at the farmers market, and actually make those recipes that are marked with a dog eared corner in my cook books.
Casey gave me the idea to add notes on when I first tried a recipe, if I liked it, and any changes I made.

My battered vintage edition of Joy of cooking from the early 60's.

I discovered this book a while ago, it's beautiful and has yummy simple recipes- good enough to impress any guest.

Tell me that Martini doesn't look good. I love photos of martini's more than I like to drink them!

I gave this to Brian as a fun surprise. I can't wait to have a classic cocktails night and try out drinks like the Gin Fizz. I'm intrigued by drinks with egg whites in them too.

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