Friday, October 22, 2010

Wouldn't You Rather be Crafting?!

 I almost never leave the house without some sort of project in my bag. I promised myself that I would clean out my bag before I go to sleep tonight- it's full of stuff- too full.

If you are like me, Watching movies gives you an excuse to knit or embrodier or work on a sketch of something new you want to make. There are probably a million bookmarked craft projects on your computer and you have a list of different techniques you are going to master before your crafty little life is up.
As my friend Danielle says, "Lets be Honest"... I probably won't get all the art, craft, journaling, sewing, DIY projects done. But I am trying!

 I started a Flickr group, Called Rather Be Crafting to celebrate the pursuit of making a part of my everyday life. It's also a great way for me to keep accountable for pushing myself to be more creative daily. You don't have to post a photo everyday I just want to see what everyone is up to.

Just click here and join the group and the conversation by adding photos and commenting on others pictures.

BTW- I consider crafting anything that is creative and made by hand.

see you on Flickr

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