Sunday, September 12, 2010

Visual Caffeine: Rain

I'm a born and raised Northerner. While my seasonal clock thinks it should be cooler weather, crisp and frosty almost, the weather outside is still holding at a humid 90 degrees. Thats 33 degrees Celsius for my Canadian Friends.

Currently there are 3 weather systems off the coast to the East, so we are getting rain. Rain that pours down without warning,floods the streets, and then is gone. Get out your rain suits, boots and Umbrellas.

I love Paddington Bear! I love that it's raining in this picture which is perfect as PB always wears wellies, and rain gear. Source

Those Alaskan Girls make cozy boot liners to keep your toes warm.Source
This original print by Elle Moss is dreamy, I actually want it to rain now! Source

I think this is such a clever idea- DIY umbrella caddy over at Design Sponge.

Flickr Source. This makes me feel light and fluffy. So pretty.

Currently it happens to be sunny, I'm off to do laundry.

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aphrodita wibowo said...

the magical rain...
i love rain and the smell of the sand after the rain..

love the DIY paddy rain, cute...