Monday, September 13, 2010

4 Simple Goals- Update + How I started Thrifing

I want you to know I've been keeping true to my 4 Simple Goals and I've completed three of my goals!

Goal #2 was all about fixing the clothes sitting in a huge pile under my sewing table. I've got one more dress with a million buttons and a pair of dress pants I'm converting into a skirt left to tackle this week. 

Yep, thats 5 pairs of pants fixed and ready to continue their lives in my closet. Thats like $400 worth of pants. No matter what weight I've been the inner thighs of my jeans wear out from friction, right where the crotch seam is. It's not a problem with any other pants, just denim. I will be doing a tutorial to show how to fix this problem and save yourself some pants!
In addition to the pile o pants I re-worked a thrift store treasure I bought for $11.00 which I'll share with you tonight.

 Unfortunately, the state of thrifiting in New Orleans is pretty dismal and so many old things were lost during Katrina. It's also become very trendy to thrift shop so there's a lot more competition especially in bigger cities. 

I've always worn second- hand clothing my family has always saved clothing to hand down to cousins, siblings and friends. We didn't have a lot of money so thrift shops are familiar to me as a necessity if I wanted extra things beyond what I needed. By grade Seven my thrifiting skills were razor sharp! Thrifting wouldn't be seen as cool till we got to high-school, but I loved it and I had a small group of friends that did too.

Now I have a mix of thrift, vintage, handmade and "regular" clothes in my closet. Besides indie clothing labels my biggest passion is re-worked vintage. I admit that I love stuff from the runways of Fashion Week, but I can't afford them so I just drool over them from the internet and the pages of Vogue.

What's in your closet? Is there anything you are coveting this season?

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