Monday, August 2, 2010

My Personal Creative Journey- Establishing Goals bricks n mortar style

I like to read business books, books about theories and ideas and a lot of crafty business "how to" books.


 In fact my husband recently told a friend that all I read is sewing machine manuals. What?... I have 5 machines that = 5 manuals. For the record I don't read them, well only to figure out how to take them apart and fix them.

The most reoccurring theme in these books is achieving big goals by breaking them down into smaller ones. Pretty simple right?

My conundrum- being brave enough to establish that ONE BIG MONSTER GOAL. Yep... it means saying out loud to other people in 5 years I will be ________________. I have lots of little goals- some realistic, others not so much. But the one thing they all have in common is that they don't really build on each other and if I don't reach them it's not a big deal. Historically my  goals  have existed in the form of a bunch of little lists scattered here and there.

I'm really excited to share a part of my big goal with you today!

Trundling up and down the coast offering good things from regional indie designers. Being true to my love of the beach and the art of the road trip I can put my creative business prowess to work for me.

Skull de lis T shirt by Art by Mags! 
I love not cheesy t shirts, I'm really excited when artists choose to push themselves to use the fleur de lis in a cute way.

All natural lip balms by Fleur de Lips
I've been working with Corrina at Fleur de lips for awhile now and I love her lip balms!

My own handmade goodies too! 

 I am inspired by the women of The WonderCraft in Austin, Texas. They take spreading craft goodness to a whole new level.

 If I could find a Gypsy Caravan to hook up to my car I would seriously consider buying one. Look how cute this is!

My Bricks and Mortar Goal for my Creative Empire:
Buy and renovate a vintage airstream trailer into a portable store that sources and sells regionally produced, indie designed stuff.

Time Line:
Two Years! Yep... I'm being really ambitious and aggressive with this one!


Tracey said...

very cool rebekah!!! i am sending positive thoughts your way!

Mallory - Miss Malaprop said...

Great minds think alike! There was an Aistream on Craigslist recent going for like $4,500 - I think it's a late 70s model, 28 feet or so.

Rebekah The Craft Fiend said...

Thanks for the kind words Tracey! I can use all the positivity I can get.

Mallory- I'm crossing my fingers that I can find the perfect airstream next around next summer. That should give me some time to save a bit.