Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Friends that Create - Journey Mama

Do you ever run into an old friend, maybe someone you went to highschool with, and what they are doing now is so inspiring it hurts? Maybe you've kept in touch after all this time and been able to connect with them every-so- often and you admire how their life has taken shape?

I have a few friends around the world that are putting their stories out there by blogging. It makes me so proud to read their words and it gives me a sense that I'm on the right path because I come from some of the same roots, the places that shaped us into what we are now.

I went to Jr. high with Rachel- I remember so clearly the day she joined my homeroom class. You see, I went to a small private school with about 40 kids total in two classes -new students were pretty obvious. We became friends right away. As time went by and we went our separate ways- me to design school, her to other countries and off on adventures.

Earthy and beautiful Verascite and Wood Bead Necklace by Journey Mama

I want to share her blog, Journey Mama with you because it lifts my spirits and makes my eyes tear up when I read about her life- her gorgeous children, her book writing, her travels, and her faith.

My writing doesn't hold a candle to hers but she does inspire me to follow my heart- wherever she is blogging from in the world.

I'm sending good wishes her way as she embarks on and exciting writers workshop!

Lots of love to you Rae!

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