Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter Warmth / A round up of Cozy things

Even though I no longer live in the bitter cold of more Northern climates I've been freezing for the past 3 days. I hate the cold weather!

I'm dreaming of all kinds of cozy, cute, yummy things.

Via Free as a Ladybird on Flickr

Vosges Haut Chocolate Bacon Pancakes with real Maple Syrup via the nibble

The cutest hot chocolate ever! Via Flickr I'm going to make a big mug for myself right now!
Never before have I been interested by Blythe Dolls, but seeing one in a Dr.Who Scarf is making me dream of all the reasons to start collecting them. Via Flickr

I hope you are staying warm. I'm crafting up a storm in preparation for a few holiday projects!


Michelle said...

Cutest little Four scarf!!!!

Christy said...

I have some super warm, thick hiking socks that are better than any ol' pair of slippers. My hardwood floors get sooo cold and these puppies keep my toes toasty warm.

Mallory said...

Chocolate bacon pancakes, what??? Yum. (Although I think maple bacon sounds a little better.)

This back and forth weather change is driving me mad! Just stay the same temperature already! Welcome to the Gulf South.