Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pinterest and my visual obessions

I recently started using Pinterest and it's helping me keep track of everything I love that I come across on the internet. Believe me, its A LOT.

I pin daily. A few days ago I started pinning daily themes. It helps me keep things fresh and interesting and organized. I do love looking through other peoples collections, but I also want to find my own inspriation and eventually start adding some orgiginal content of my own to my boards.

I'm using it as a way to book mark tutorials, inspirations, collections, other crafters, bloggers and artists. Basically Pinterest is an online bulletin board/ inspiration wall. Pinterest is probably for you if you have a million bookmarks and you like visual lists.

It's my number one reward to myself for doing a task that might feel boring or downright tedious. I usually use it first thing in the morning while eating breakfast and drinking tea, it helps my brain wake up and feel excited about the coming day.

If you are on Pinterest let me know or connect with me so I can follow your boards.

You can follow my boards here. For Now I'll have 2 to 3 daily themed boards and of course my growing collection of ongoing boards. 


Hello Again Vintage said...

This is a great website. Thanks for sharing. My laptop is loaded with massive amounts of things I love and decide to save while surfing on the internet.

I'm going to sign up now. :)

Rebekah The Craft Fiend said...

I'm sure you will LOVE it! ONce you get set up let me know so I can follow your boards!

Suzanne said...

I love the concept but it's in Beta and you need an invitation to get in. I'm on a waiting list! Sigh.