Monday, December 27, 2010

Music is for Mondays/ A Jazzy New Year

I've always wanted to have a huge New Years Eve Cocktail party. Like the party that Holly Golightly has and the police are called by Mr. Yunioshi in Breakfast at Tiffanys.

 I admit, I do love a party that ends in mayhem just like The Party staring Peter Sellers. You know, the kind of party where you end up stumbling home arm in arm with your best partner in crime, falling asleep with all your party clothes on (even your shoes) and wake up the next morning in need of greasy brunch food.

The Party via Refinery 29
This year will be another quiet New Years Eve, since we don't have plans and January is shaping up to be pretty hectic and it's not even Christmas yet. I've learned the hard way that staying out too late puts me out of commission for 2 or 3 days afterward. 

So in keeping with my goal of being more balanced in 2011...

I think we'll stay home and try some Classic Cocktail recipies and listen to records. I'm starting to get into Whiskey- it's a really fascinating subject and it's warm and yummy.

Whatever you are doing, I hope you find a way to do it in your own style!

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