Friday, September 3, 2010

September is for comming out of the closet

Yes, I am coming out of the closet. I'm going to be telling people.... I blog and I'm crafty and have my own crafty biz and clothing label. I'm a teacher and love to help others learn to sew and do other useful handy work.

Whole Foods (Arabella Station), is where I work. It is located at 5600 Magazine Street, NOLA. Come by and eat some cheese with me!

While it might seem obvious to you- since you are reading this, there are many people that have no clue or only a little clue that I have a very crafty life. Don't ask my why I feel shy about it... I just do.

I wanted to share this process with you because it's difficult for me to talk about myself and put my work out there so that others see it and possibly really hate it.  Plus someone could read my blog and think it's stupid or something. So No more secrets of a crafty life! Cross my fingers and kiss my elbow!

And..... I'll be sharing more about my day job-  I manage the Specialty department where I sell Coffee,Cheese, Olives, Wine and Beer and Spirits all day and I'm getting ready to teach weekly Specialty School for my team to learn more about the products we work with all day.

A favorite cheese-Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese by Tastings Gourmet Market

If you have questions about the products I work with, want ideas for fun cheese and wine/ beer pairings or just want to know more you can hop over to my Formspring and ask me. In addition to answering back I'll be themeing Q&A posts on here too.

What scary thing have you done recently? Was it something spontaneous or did you have to gather your courage to get it done?


Fat Chick Design said...

OMG that cheese looks so sexy! I love cheese.
Do you get cheese overload now working with cheese?
Has it put you off or has it made you a specialist?
I am glad you've come out of your crafty closet.
Well done

Rebekah The Craft Fiend said...

Thanks for the questions! I'll be doing a post soon to answer all the things people have been asking.