Thursday, September 2, 2010

Photo Printer and Mr. Dressup inspiriation

Yesterday I shared with you a new find that has made photography a little simpler for me. Recently I started doing photo booths for friends and family- these make a fun and unique gift for birthdays and weddings.

The best part is that guests go home with adorable photographs of the day and I feel great about giving a memorable present.

My niece, M, (right) and her friend at their double birthday party. Picture frame made by M.

Props are either handmade or gathered from our tickle trunk. For those of you who didn't grow up with Mr. Dressup- it's a wonderful childrens show - make believe, stories, imagination, drawing and crafts. Now that I think of it, this show was probably a great influence on me as a child. I value all of the things that we watched on this show in my life now. I channel Mr. Dressup and his tickle trunk on Halloween and when prepping for a photo booth.

Casey, Mister Dressup, Finnegan. Watch the show here.
The famous tickle trunk! Stuffed full of the best costumes ever! If you are ever in Toronto, Canada you can visit it at the CBC museum

I've discovered a great little photo printer that has made running these photo booths much more fun. The Canon Selphy printer is cute, portable, inexpensive (under $100) and prints out quality photos. I mean, really great quality photos- when we did our test shots I was really very surprised and happy with the results.  You can purchase the ink and photo paper to print a minimum of 108 pages for about $36.00. Set it to print many different sizes and get way over 108 photos - I printed over 250 photos at my last session.

Cute little printer

 I'll be printing off many photos- for cards, promo material, more photo booth favours and sticker making. You can plug in your memory card or hook up your camera to it with a USB cord. There are wireless settings to print photos from your camera phone too!

I'm off to the post office to send out some goodies! I hope your day is sunny like it is here.

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