Saturday, June 26, 2010

Searching for cute packaging, new summer goals and summer camp update

Between my full time job and teaching 5 days a week at Summer camp, I'm pretty exhausted. Like, It's not even 10pm and I'm heading to bed. I do have a few goals that I think I can manage. I want to find a good source for some super cute packaging. And I have to finish switching over my accounting from Quickbooks Online to Outright. And finally, I need to get my work space in order. So I will post some photos of my work space tomorrow- they are going to make you feel horrified that a person can live like we do... my husband is a patient man and has to deal with my crafty stuff slowly spreading like the plague in our house The upside is, you'll feel better about yourself. Oh, and there is are three business projects I am working on, which I hope to tell everyone about by September!

I have 4 weeks left of Summer camp and I'm so grateful for the experience, and some of my kids are really falling in love with sewing. The surprising thing is that the 9/10 year old boys are my best group... really they are. I had one ask me for a list of supplies he would need at home to sew, and then I saw him at Michaels with his mom getting the supplies. Swoon.... I am in love with teaching! I seriously felt like a crafty superhero. Then the next day, during free play, I had some embroidery with me and the kids were actually arguing over who got to do some stitches next!

  good night... cross your fingers that I can actually fall asleep and not wake up 12 times tonight!

P.S- I just added a Dremel to my wish list. What crafty tool do you want to get?

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Tracey said...

bored at work but i found this site that i really love and thought you would too:

although if you don't have time to do these things don't read because it makes you want to do more DIY projects!

glad your camping experience is awesome!

and to answer your question: i just want to craft...don't even need a tool just time!