Monday, May 10, 2010

Mini Holiday In Alabama

I'm in Foley, Alabama for a few days. I think we are going to check out the beach later today, hopefully the oil hasn't hit here yet and we can still get in the water and swim ( Orange Beach is just 15 mins away and is a beautiful beach). I will be hitting the Fabric by the Pound and a few good thrift and junk shops today too!

I have a ton of things to do this week:

- source some new materials for my fall line up of pouches
- think about classes that I might want to teach. I hope to be able to share some exciting things with you in a few weeks that involve mucho craftiness for everyone!!!!
- i'm also working on adding dresses and some fiber based jewelry to my line for fall! I'm pretty excited about this because I'm going back to my fashion design and sewing roots. I love drafting patterns from scratch and making dresses will definitely allow me to spend some time on the drafting table. I love jewlery made with fabrics so this will be a fun and challenging project for me to work on.
- I've decided to make a switch from a paid accounting program to a free one- trying to cut my expenses so I can use the money for growth from my biz- mainly marketing money.
- and last but not least I'm going on a cleaning and organizing binge in my home/ studio!!! It's desperately needed and I'm looking forward to making our living and work space much friendlier for both my husband and myself. My big challenge is that I need to be able to see my supplies or else I forget I have them, but I do so many different crafts that use very different tools so it's difficult to keep everything in sight and organized!

If you are a crafter using many different tools and materials I'd love to hear from you on how you keep everything organized!

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