Friday, April 30, 2010

I painted my first canvas!

My boss took all of the team leaders from work to Corks N Canvas on Magazine Street a few weeks ago. It was a fun evening as we learned to paint in a no pressure atmosphere. Basically you get a set of paint brushes, a pallet of paints and a blank canvas and the instructor walks you through how to paint your image step by step. We painted a street car trolley. I'm going to show you my painting as it progressed- don't laugh! I'm totally NOT a painter at all- but I still have alot of fun doing this!

                                            I totally put too much orange on the tracks!

Tree now has leaves

Trolley door added, I also did some blending on the tracks and added more green to the tree.

                             More blending, windows and details added to the trolley

                   More grass added to the right side of the trolley- so scenic looking!

             The final result. I'm no Rembrant, but I'm still pretty happy with my first painting.

 I'm kind of inspired to paint a little more- I'm not sure what though.

What kinds of new things have you tried lately? Tell me about something new you want to learn.

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