Sunday, March 28, 2010

When I have time I'll do this

I've been chained to my sewing machine for the past few weeks- getting ready for my first craft fair. I'll be at the Freret Art Market this Saturday if you want to come and check me out!
Hopefully I'll remember to take photos and I'll do a post about it.

 I love to sew and wouldn't trade in that skill for anything, but I have been dreaming about doing something sans the sewing machine. 

Art Journals- I used to write in a journal everyday from grade 9 till I was about 21. Then I just kind of stopped. LOOK at how beautiful these are

also check out Eve's Tutorials, I'm thinking I can use some of these to use up my craft papers and scraps of fun things to journal with.

I'm not really much of a baker cause it never really turns out for me. But I would like to try baking more things and creating more with food, which expands beyond things to eat.  A few things I would like to do when I find time would be to start growing a garden, which has to be in containers given our urban living situation.  I am fascinated by Dye Gardens and would love to try some small batch fiber dyeing.  Maybe I'll get some hand spun yarn and try it out. I think herbs would be a good idea too- just on the more practical culinary end of things.

Check out these cute treats which I think would make adorable Halloween gifts or even good surprises for a crafty holiday advent calendar.

I have this side of me that loves to look at junk which, thankfully, I can usually resist picking up and bringing it home.  I would like to make some funky chandelier type lamps for our house and I think that I come into contact with enough really cool looking junk that i could make maybe 1 or 2  for our house. 

I love the tea cups and have two shamrock ones that were my mom's that I could use.

These are crochet lamp shades which are surprisingly not stuffy.

I would also like to make alot more of the actual furniture we use in our home
Wooden Palets would be perfect for home- cheap, sturdy, easy to paint.

back to the sewing machine!


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