Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Behind the scenes// What I'm doing and why

I'm starting over. With Branding and online stuff...

In a few days I will be starting an online class, with someone I admire so so much, in which I will learn how to build a website! You can't know how exciting this is for me and what a huge step this will be in re-branding and positioning my personal brand and creative businesses in a place that will take everything to the next level!

 a quick note of advice from Laura Roeder

First off I put together a list of goals and outcomes to guide my actions. I need these because I always want to do more than is actually possible so the list below will help me streamline the process and focus on what is truly important.

I'm letting you in on the process, the planning, and some fun behind the scene progress.

 My goals :
*Move this blog to a Wordpress site. The theme I will be using is built off of the Hybrid theme.
*Build a website with an integrated web shop for She Loves Me Not Clothing Company.
*Build a website with an integrated web shop for 504 Stitches, my sewing school
* all three sites will have a clean, simplified appearance and complimentary branding
* as a bonus I'm hoping to be able to hand draw the social media icons and design some pretty blog buttons
* The Craft Fiend (this blog) will continue to evolve into the very personal brand landing page and online heart of my business so I've spent alot of time considering how to make this blog the heart of everything. I want this blog to be fun, pretty, and encompass the spirit of what I am putting into the world.
* I have one more thing I will be creating, but I'm keeping those TOP SECRET until I launch it.

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