Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today I'm inspired by Possibility

I had to get up early today to be on a conference call for work. I'm full of coffee and spent an hour in the sunlight.

WAWAWAWAW!!!! thats how I feel right now- my insides are vibrating and I feel full of energy and possibility.

Yesterday I had a moment, well a few moments, of self pity. You know, the kind that washes over you when there's a litter box to scoop, dishes to scrub, and a house that's cluttered and the opposite of the mid-century modern loft on the latest cover of Dwell magazine. What I really want is that loft, and all the sleek uncluttered spaces that go with it.

What I also want is for my handmade buisness to really take off, but somehow I never feel like my progress is good enough.

There comes a time when all the blog reading and forum participation and social media is a road block to ACTION. I'm always measuring my own progress against other handmade businesses that seem to be doing so much better. So for the rest of the week- I'll be blogging but I will be unplugging from reading other blogs and stuff- to see if it helps me feel less anxious.

Here's to looking inward,

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