Saturday, August 14, 2010

I know I told you that I WAS NOT going to scrap book... and I kind of got sucked into it... just a little. I made an art journal for my niece- M- as a birthday present. Which is kind of like scrapping, but also allows the person receiving the gift to be creative too.

We both have curly hair and have kind of bonded over how grown ups are always after you to brush it and say some really unkind things ( frizzy, rats nest, big hair ect come to mind) - because they don't understand that the WORST thing to do to curly hair is BRUSH it... seriously?! once your out of the shower you pretty much need to leave it alone so it doesn't get frizzy. Anyways, I'm probably going to do a series of posts about curly hair... since lately I've had people come up to me in the hair product isle of the grocery store and ask me what I use for my hair.

I managed to remember to take photos of the art journal before I gifted it to M. I used a combination of scrapping supplies and fabrics from my scrap stash.

I made a pouch out of fused plastic Target bags and quilting fabric. Fused plastic is sooo fun!                         

Stickers, extra paper are included with the art journal. 

The little note with instructions. 

First Page
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Fun colour your own picture
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Lot's of blank pages with promts to help M write her own stories.

While I probably wouldn't do a full scrap book I did really enjoy making this art journal with personalized touches.

It feels so good to give a hand made and memorable gift.

 What is your favorite handmade gift that you have given a loved one?

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