Monday, June 28, 2010

She Loves Me Not Open Studio - waring it's a disaster!

Yes, It's really messy. No mean comments about how I need to get my crafty life together... unless you are comming to my house to clean it up for me- then you can say whatever you want. Seriously, it's soooo terrible right now. On the bright side- it can only get better from here.

Before you point it out, yes  I realize the shelves are not straight... I was trying to be a smarty pants and hang them by myself- without a level. I will fix tonight... or soon. Also it looks much worse in the photo than it actually is.

I will be charting the journey of my organizational efforts here so feel free to check my progress and remind me, that instead of wasting time spying on my favorite bloggers or fabric window shopping online I should be organizing and keeping it neat.

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