Saturday, June 19, 2010

I love to cook, and love to think about baking :) well.... I actually love to look at stuff to cook and bake with much more than actually doing it. My next DIY project is a spice rack.... a really cute, fun, and functional one. I've seen a few out there that I kind of like... nothing that I adore so much I would buy it. Plus I want the spice rack we have in our home to be super fun.

 This makes me feel happy! I'd love to find a bunch of vintage spice tins to display in my kitchen.

Honestly anything will be better than what is currently going on in the kitchen now, it's so ugly that I can't even bear to show you until I have the new spice rack done.

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Tracey said...

i am in love with the ribbons one! :) tee hee! way better than my scrapbook desk....

if you come up with something let me know...i too am in need of a nice spice rack...mine has been driving me crazy and i hate how all the spices are all in different jars...grrr...i need uniform-ity (is that a word??)