Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I love Blogs!

Let's start at the Begining.

I have been a rabid magazine reader since Grade 7 when i picked up my very first copy of Seventeen Magazine- here it is! I actually think about it all the time. I turned 13 that year, I also would go on to have a subscription to Seventeen for the next 6 years.

It was the early years of grunge- Kate Moss, those sexy/uncomfortable Calvin Klein ad's baggy coloured denim, plaid, mary janes were back and lucky for me so were the 70's. I raided my grandmas trunk of old clothes left behind by great aunt's and uncles - old dresses and outfits worn on vacations to Hawaii, bell bottoms, pant suits and jumpers hand made out of crazy knock off Pucci prints. I also found my first love in fashion which was lived out through thrift shopping at Value Village and Divine Decadence on Whyte Ave in Edmonton.  1993 was also the year I think I realized I didn't want to dress like everyone else and I began my quest to build outfits that were more and more out of the ordinary. I was proud of the fact that I never bought anything new, and didn't spend "alot of money" of clothes.  A few years later my ongoing love affair with the Vogue Fall Issue started, we still meet once a year in September :)

Now at 30 I'm obsessed with Blogs
Here is my personal blog roll:

A Beautiful Mess- Elsie Flannigan Makes me inspired to work towards more creativity in my daily life

Oh, Fransson- I wish I had more patience for quilting, this blog keeps me inspired and one day I will quilt! 

The Crafty Pod and Craft Sanity- thank God for these ones! They keep me entertained when I'm at my sewing machine or walking to work or have to do chores around the house.

Sew Lovely- written by my friend Allison, she's just starting out, I'm so excited for her and I can't wait to read more.
 Design Squish- so pretty! so many great decorating and design ideas that I want to incorporate into my life. Especially the furniture made from shipping pallets.

Sweet Georgia- I love yarn, I'm so glad someone is talking about it in a way that is not frumpy. Plus she's a fellow Canadian!

 The Dye Garden- I am planning to grow a container garden full of herbs, plants for dye. I'm thankful for bloggers who share information about this kind information and who are generous enough to share what they know.

New Orleans Craft Mafia, I'm a member, but even before I moved to New Orleans I would meander over to this blog to check out what was going on with the members. The ladies of the NOCM are awesome, funny, friendly individuals who inspire me to keep pursuing my crafty dreams.

What blogs do you love to read? I would enjoy hearing from you and hopefully finding some new blogs to read. 

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