Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 1= A

Look what arrived today!
 I've been very lazy and indecisive on the marketing/image end of my crafty biz so I found these adorable cards on Moo Cards and even got the regular size ones free!  Yeah I will eventually find my voice and get a better design and cohesive look to my logo ect... but If I waited till that happend I'd never get past the brainstorming stage.

As promised today is  brought to you by the letter A.

Art by Mags

Mags is a fellow member of the New Orleans Craft Mafia, of which I am now a proud  member. Check out her fun and often NOLA inspired stuff here.

Alice in Wonderland inspired wedding from Green Wedding Shoes

A.A Milne who wrote the Winnie the Phoo stories and many wonderful poems.

Ant, one half of the most adorable kitty duo in the universe.

sweet dreams everyone


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