Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have so much to do for my upcoming Saturday craft fair but no matter how crazy my life gets I always try to find a few moments to check all my emails, Facebook  and stuff. My struggle lies in not getting to swept away with online stuff. I need to work more on building real life in PERSON relationships. As a crafter and a creative person I often feel pulled in opposite directions- alot of what I need to do to further my business requires that I'm at home at my sewing machine or working into the wee hours of the morning silk screening or catching up on book keeping. I almost feel guilty for going out when I know I have piles of work at home for me to do. I also crave a certain amount of me/alone time since I'm not much for small talk and often can't think of anything to say around people I don't know that well. I think the stress is also magnified because I do have a day job where I put out alot of energy and time with strangers. I work in a high volume retail environment, I love it however it can be really draining. Making and creating is a respite from all of that.

I recently joined the New Orleans Craft Mafia. We've just had 1 meeting since my acceptance into the group. I love the group of women who make up the Mafia. It's lovely to be in the midst of like minded/ like hearted creators. I feel really comfortable contributing my ideas, time and energy to this group and they've been welcoming and entertaining too!

In an attempt to get out of the house and discover more about New Orleans I'm going to be blogging everyday in April in Alphabetical order. I'm going to take more photos and try to stop feeling so awkward walking around with my HUGE camera. Well, it's just a Nikon D40, but it feels huge to me.

I just wanted to also say a big thank you to Mallory aka Miss Malaprop for her very sweet mention of me on her blog. It made my day today to know that being part of a group means others are looking out for you.

come see me and the other fab ladies of the Mafia on Saturday at the Freret Market this Saturday.

If you have any suggestions for things I should check out this month or any other time let me know.

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Mallory said...

You're very welcome! I think we're all equally excited to have you in the group!

I'm sorry you got stuck far away from the rest of us in the layout for Saturday's market. Hopefully next time they can put you next to the rest of us!